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In the field of human resources and payrolling, Bolt Finance has a wide range of services to take care of you throughout this entire process.

From payroll administration, HR advice and support, employment contracts and pension schemes to advising on and mediating in labour disputes. Bolt Finance can take care of all this for you.



We make the difference

We speak the same language and teach you to understand the numbers well

We unburden you and offer personal guidance 

Always focused on the growth and development of your company

Let Bolt Finance take care of your salary administration so that you can focus on what is really important: the optimal deployment of existing and new employees. We process your payroll online in a fully secure environment, efficiently and accessible from anywhere. You and your employees get your own login so that pay slips and other output are available digitally at all times.

If you make use of our extensive environment, you will have access to standard and custom-made HR reports, employees can easily apply for leave via the app, and you will be completely relieved of any worries!

Our payroll staff have more than 30 years of experience in managing payroll in a wide range of sectors and industries and are familiar with all collective labour agreements and mandatory pension schemes.

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Do you need (temporary) HR support or advice? Do not hesitate to contact us for support. We can advise you on all aspects of HR, from setting up personnel regulations, their implementation and execution, internal restructuring of departments and personnel to advice on fringe benefits and general salary management.



Hiring staff is a lot of work. The most important part is the employment contract. Let Bolt Finance quickly and efficiently draw up or assess your employment contracts so that they fully comply with the most recent legislation and regulations.

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Do you have a conflict with an employee or do you have long-term or frequent sick employees? Contact us and we will assess the situation together with a labour lawyer and advise you on how best to act in the situation.


My name is Daniel, owner and founder of Bolt Finance

After years of experience in this field and the largest accounting firm in the world, I started Bolt Finance. For me, Bolt stands for always approachable, serviceable and equal. Quality over quantity and that means that we are happy to engage with you. If this appeals to you, then it is time for us to get acquainted.

Best, Daniel

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Do you want to start a pension scheme for your staff? We assist you with the set-up and advise you in the various regulations. We also advise the independent entrepreneur and DGA in the possibilities to build up a retirement provision.

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