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Are things getting fiscally challenging for you? Then we will take your work off your hands.

Let Bolt Finance take care of your tax returns and you are assured of quality and maximum return.

For clients doing international business, Bolt Finance offers the VAT scan and assists you with your Transfer Pricing documentation.

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Periodically, entrepreneurs are required to file a VAT return and to provide an annual income tax return with the annual figures of the sole proprietorship. In addition to the VAT return, BVs must also submit an annual corporate income tax return. Bolt Finance takes care of all your tax returns and ensures that they are drawn up correctly and on time and submitted to the Tax Authorities.

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We make the difference

We speak the same language and teach you how to understand the numbers

We unburden you and offer personal guidance 

Always focused on the growth and development of your company



VAT seems to be a simple piece of legislation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Turnover Tax Act is quite complex. Especially if you provide international services or trade in goods across national borders. Incorrect application of the VAT rules can have very unpleasant consequences. Have Bolt Finance carry out a VAT scan and you will immediately know how to apply the VAT rules correctly and where you are at risk. We will then assist you.

If you are part of an international structure, the so-called 'Transfer Pricing' plays a role. Internal transfer prices or profit allocation must be made and documented on an arm's length basis. The Tax and Customs Administration can state that internal settlements or profit allocation is not commercial and unilaterally adjust this to your disadvantage. Let Bolt Finance help you review, modify or prepare your Transfer Pricing documentation.

My name is Daniel, owner and founder of Bolt Finance

After years of experience in this field and the largest accounting firm in the world, I started Bolt Finance. For me, Bolt stands for always approachable, serviceable and equal. Quality over quantity and that means that we are happy to engage with you. If this appeals to you, then it is time for us to get acquainted.

Best, Daniel

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