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Juridisch adviseur


On a legal level, Bolt Finance offers the necessary expertise to assist you with company takeovers, growth from a sole proprietorship to a private limited company and the possible restructuring of your company. We are also happy to assist you with contract analyses and a sound legal basis for your financing application.



We make the difference

We speak the same language and teach you to understand the numbers well

We unburden you and offer personal guidance 

Always focused on the growth and development of your company

Do you have any plans to take over a company? Please contact Bolt Finance and let us assist and advise you throughout the entire process. Before you take over a business, you want to know exactly what you are buying. We carry out a quick scan or full due diligence for or with you and report on this to you so that you can make a sound decision.

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You have had a sole proprietorship for years and the results are so good that you are fiscally more advantageous with a BV or there are other circumstances why it is better to switch to a BV (such as restricting private liability)? Then the 'contribution' of the sole proprietorship to the BV is a serious option. Let us advise, guide and relieve you of any worries in this regard.

We advise you on the best fiscal choice in terms of contribution to the BV and guide you through the entire process, from drawing up the preliminary agreements, registration and contact with the Tax and Customs Administration, drawing up financial figures, the contact with and assessment of deeds of the notary up to the administrative processing thereafter.



Does your company have numerous contracts and agreements in progress, but you can no longer see the wood for the trees? Then contact Bolt Finance and we will structure your contract register and give you the desired insight and total overview of all your current contracts at a glance. We also list all the contractual terms and conditions and make hidden contracts and clauses visible so that you can take action in good time if necessary, thereby saving you unnecessary costs.

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Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to obtain funding and the requirements are being tightened up every year. For a financier, good entrepreneurship is important. An entrepreneur who can demonstrate that he uses a financing application to consciously steer his business, shows that he is a good entrepreneur in which financiers can have confidence. Let Bolt Finance guide you through the preparation of the financing application so that you are well prepared for the financier and accelerate the entire application.

My name is Daniel, owner and founder of Bolt Finance

After years of experience in this field and the largest accounting firm in the world, I started Bolt Finance. For me, Bolt stands for always approachable, serviceable and equal. Quality over quantity and that means that we are happy to engage with you. If this appeals to you, then it is time for us to get acquainted.

Best, Daniel


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We advise entrepreneurs in the (tax) optimal structure for their business as well as assist you in setting up your business / company. You want to start as soon as possible and with enthusiasm. However, the start-up and recording of this is essential for the future. Are you starting a company with several shareholders? If so, you should seek advance advice on the structure and agreements between shareholders. This prevents annoying situations in the future when the relationship between shareholders themselves comes under pressure or fails.

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