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From A to Z, we offer the complete financial package; from administration to preparation of financial statements.

Bolt Finance offers you a complete package of financial and administrative services. This way, you can almost entirely outsource your administration to us. From the processing of your costs and revenues to the elaboration of the annual accounts and associated reports, all completely digitally and as efficiently as possible.

Support in the audit process and the provision of temporary financial-administrative personnel are also part of our service package. You can also contact us for a part-time CFO.

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We make the difference

We speak the same language and teach you how to understand the numbers

We unburden you and offer personal guidance 

Always focused on the growth and development of your company

Bolt Finance takes care of all your administrative tasks. Your administration in the cloud, highly automated and fully up to date. Let your invoices be processed automatically and receipts can be scanned easily via the mobile app. With your own digital cockpit you will have insight into your figures and results at all times and anywhere in the world.

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The annual accounts are still the reference point and document on which all government and semi-government bodies, banks and other companies send, advise and act. Have your annual most important document (the annual accounts) taken care of by our professionals so that it is drawn up on time, adequately and in accordance with the applicable regulations. We also take care of the compulsory digital filing with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce for you.

Periodic reports are tailored to your own KPI's and objectives so that you only get the information you need and can send it to you. 



The annual audit of the external auditor is always a very busy and peak moment for your financial staff in the administration. In addition to the regular monthly activities, they are also expected to provide the auditor with a detailed balance sheet file. In addition, they also spend a lot of time on guidance and questions regarding the audit of the accountant.

Bolt Finance is the perfect partner to support you in an efficient way and to relieve your employees of any worries during the audit process in order to limit the discussions and costs (including additional work) of the audit. We have many years of experience in compiling and auditing at Big-4 accountancy firms and know better than anyone how accountants think, how they carry out the audit and what information and documents they need to do so. Save your business time and costs.

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My name is Daniel, owner and founder of Bolt Finance

After years of experience in this field and the largest accounting firm in the world, I started Bolt Finance. For me, Bolt stands for always approachable, serviceable and equal. Quality over quantity and that means that we are happy to engage with you. If this appeals to you, then it is time for us to get acquainted.

Best, Daniel


Interim support

If you need temporary support in the financial administration, our professionals are at your service. Our professionals are all-round trained and have extensive experience in various sectors. Ask for our availability.

Parttime CFO

As an entrepreneur, you started your business with a goal in mind, a great idea to ultimately achieve your ambitions. Operationally you have everything in place, but a lot of time is still wasted on administrative and financial tasks, reviewing reports, etc. In addition, you are struggling with questions about whether your business process is set up efficiently enough and whether you are taking the right steps to achieve your short and long term goals.

Then our part-time CFO solution is what you need. Not a full-time CFO, but a periodically energetic, financial specialist who assesses your reports, calculates plans and conducts the conversation with you in a constructive, but positive critical manner. Your own sparring partner who knows every growth process of companies, recognizes, identifies the bottlenecks and, together with you, takes the right measures and steps to grow towards your goals.

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